Programs of Study

CCV offers 26 courses in 11 programs of study. Not all courses listed are offered at all technical centers — please check with your school counselor or the Fast Forward instructor.

  • Healthcare

    Medical Terminology
    Human Biology
    Intro to Healthcare
    Human Biology

  • Business

    Introduction to Business
    Computer Applications
    Exploratory Workplace Experience
    Office Accounting

  • Information Technology

    Intro to Computer Science
    Concepts of PC Hardware
    Desktop Operating Systems
    Website Development

  • Behavioral Science

    The Constitution
    Intro to Criminal Justice
    Intro to Human Services
    Human Growth & Development

  • Art and Design

    Intro to Adobe Creative Cloud
    Digital Image Manipulation
    Digital Photography
    Graphic Design I
    Graphic Design II
    Intro to Filmmaking
    Website Development

  • Early Childhood Education

    Communication in the ECE & Afterschool Workplace
    Fostering Creative Learning
    Intro to Early Childhood Education
    Infant & Toddler Development
    Child Development
    Intro to Human Services

    Curriculum based on Northern Lights VT Early Childhood Career Ladder

  • Environmental Science

    Intro to Environmental Science

    STEM Studies

    Computer Courses
    Science Courses