Course Details

Fast Forward is for Vermont students attending a Technical Center who want to enroll in courses that will earn them college credits while still in high school.

The Benefits

  • Students get:
    • Credits at both the Technical Center and CCV
    • A college degree faster
    • To start their career sooner
    • The feel for college while still in high school
  • The courses are taught at the Technical Center, and classes are scheduled during the regular school day so there is no disruption to a student’s high school routine
  • College courses can often be helpful to students when they’re applying to post-secondary schools


Students who have not yet graduated from high school and who are enrolled in a partner technical center program are eligible to take a Fast Forward course.

The Instructors

Teachers who are recognized as faculty by CCV teach Fast Forward courses at the Technical Center.


Two- and four-year colleges and universities routinely accept CCV credits. However, students and parents should contact the admissions and registrar’s offices at the receiving college or university to verify policies and requirements. Students are strongly encouraged to maintain a portfolio containing course syllabi and examples of completed work for each Fast Forward credit course they take.


When students successfully complete a Fast Forward course, they can request a free transcript from CCV. While it is up to the receiving institution to determine whether to accept transfer credit from any other institution — we cannot guarantee when or how credit will be applied at other institutions — CCV credit is always transferable within the Vermont State College system.